Why Does My Basement Flood?

As winter loses its icy grip on Colorado, and the weather softens into Spring, homeowners and business owners may get hit with an unwanted invader – water in the basement. Basements can flood anytime, but especially at this time of year, if your basement is prone to water troubles, beware. Restoration King provides these tips on why your basement floods and how to keep your residence or commercial building dry in wet weather conditions.

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Most flooding occurs following rapid snowmelt in Spring, or heavy rainstorms. Basements are below ground, and the groundwater level at your home or business may be above the floor level of your basement. In extreme weather events, water, seeking its own level, will make its way into your home or place of business through cracks in the foundation, basement floor, or walls. Surface water may also seep into your structure through cracks in the walls. A sump pump failure can allow water to stand in the lower-level floors. The slope of the land may funnel water in, causing your basement to flood.

Recognizing the various causes of basement flooding that can result from weather-related conditions, how can you reduce the chance of your basement being wet?

• Start high. Check the gutters to make certain they remain clear of debris that clogs them and the downspouts. Gutters and downspouts direct water away from your foundation. Keeping them clear allows them to be effective in protecting your basement from standing or seeping water.
• Keep water out by deep-sealing your basement with permanent, penetrating waterproof sealer for cement floors and walls.
• Check the sump pump regularly, and keep it covered, or its area clear of items that could fall in and clog or damage it.
• Pile sloping dirt at the foundation of your residence or commercial building to redirect water that seeks entrance to your basement.

Surprisingly, these simple and inexpensive projects can protect your basement from flooding in bad weather and help keep your home or business dry and healthy for your family and employees. Avoid a real source of stress and frustration this Spring by dealing with the causes of basement flooding right away. Left unaltered, basement flooding damages belongings, ruins carpet, furniture, and walls, and ultimately can wreak havoc on the structure and foundation, lowering the value of your property. And health issues that arise from undeterred moisture issues in structures can worsen in short order.

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