When Thoughts Turn Toward Home

When the “home holidays” come round at year’s end, our thoughts turn toward home. A cleaning frenzy ensues, and we see the small things we want spruced up, touched up, or redone. Expecting a houseful of family and friends makes for new eyes to see what needs to be caught up around the place. And when we settle back down into the routine of living life at New Year, we breathe deep and sigh with relief that we survived the hectic and happy holiday season.

New Year gives opportunity to look at a few things around the house with an eye toward improvement. If you take an hour or an evening and tour your home, pen and pad in hand, you’ll be able to gather ideas and inspiration for upgrading and improving things little and large around the place. Especially if your home is a delightful, older structure, there are many wonderful projects that will bring it into the 21st century with style and atmosphere. And maybe the home just needs a tweak here and there to give it the ultimate homey feeling. Restoration King invites you to explore a few ideas for improvements when your thoughts turn toward home. We’ll start simple…

  • Not much is sweeter than an arched faucet for the kitchen sink. One gives you room to maneuver bigger pieces underneath, and it just looks classy.
  • Do you need an updated microwave to expedite thawing and to make meal prep more convenient?
  • How about a new shower head? Thrifty with water, and attractive, this will improve the appearance of your shower with one small purchase and installation.
  • Painting a room or two makes for an amazing transformation at a very reasonable cost. A new color of paint works magic in your living area, kitchen, or bedrooms.

A bit grander…

  • Have you considered replacing your old windows and doors for the energy efficient and cost effective newer ones? These really are a home improvement worth the money. They look good inside and out, and they work! You’ll be amazed at the difference these make in your home.
  • Try tile in the entry or the bathroom or the kitchen backsplash. Fabulous fix for sure.
  • Buy a paint sprayer and have a go at painting the exterior of your home yourself. Or have a professional do it for you. Talk about a face lift! The place truly will look new to you and to everyone who drives by.
  • Come Spring, plant a few leafy trees on the south or west sides of your house. They’ll offer shade in the summer, and the leaves will drop to let the sun shine on your home in the winter. Plant evergreen trees on the north side of your property to protect from winter winds.

Enjoy doing what comes to mind when your thoughts turn toward home. Take the whole year to accomplish your goals. And when the home holidays roll around again, you’ll be ready for the family and the fun without the frets of home improvements needing done. You’ll be ahead of the game!

And for all the projects that require a professional’s touch, call Restoration King.  We’re your local, expert emergency and construction services specialist. Residential or commercial, when you need rebuilding, remodeling, or removal, we’re the company to call. Call us today at 719-282-0997 in Colorado Springs, and 720-469-0623 in the South Denver area. Our integrity is impeccable, our work is guaranteed, and our focus is to please you. When thoughts turn toward home, call Restoration King.

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