When the Storm Turns Your Fairy Tale into a Nightmare

Disaster approaches much like the wolf visiting the three little pigs – huffing and puffing and blowing your house down. Or pouring its way in as a flood. Or with cracklings and bitter burnings. Perhaps something as simple yet unpredictable as a sewer backup, or something winter-related like frozen water pipes. When the storm turns your fairy tale life into a nightmare, call Restoration King.

Whatever the disaster, the damage is ferocious and intimidating. Like the wolf to the three little pigs. You’re overwhelmed, but you feel you must conquer the challenges of rebuilding. You’re exhausted, but you feel you must drive the results of the repairs. You’re in over your head, but feel you must watch over every detail to improve the outcome. You have a knight in shining armor: Call Restoration King.

Restoration King to the rescue!

At Restoration King, we really do understand your dilemma. We know how you feel. We are familiar with the overwhelming frustration and feelings of helplessness as you stand surrounded by what was your lovely, safe home that is now in near-ruins. Or when you survey your business that is reduced to rubble or overrun with water. And we provide the services you need to fully recover and regain the sense of rightness within your world again.

Call Restoration King today at (719) 282-0997 in Colorado Springs.We are your local, 24/7 emergency restoration specialist. You won’t have to deal with your insurance company – we’ll do that for you. From inspection and estimate to completion and final walk-through, Restoration King works with you in mind. You can rest easy knowing that our team is on your side.

We’ll conquer the challenges of rebuilding for you. We’ll watch over the results of the repairs with pride in our work for you. Every detail is as important to us as it is to you, because Restoration King works for you. You won’t be taken advantage of; you can depend on our integrity. We’re proud of our spotless reputation and intend to keep it that way. When the storm turns your fairy tale into a nightmare, call Restoration King first. We’ll be right there.

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