When Damage Risk Runs High: What to Do About It?

When winter blows strong and temperatures drop low, damage risk runs high. Are you prepared to meet Old Man Winter on his own terms and remain unscathed? You can. Restoration King can help you win this battle with the elements and protect yourself and your property in the process. Coming out on top come Spring is a grand thing in itself. Let’s make it happen with these tips for surviving the risks of winter weather.

  • Regularly inspect your home and business during winter months. Being alert and proactive protects you from costly losses.
  • Check your roof and be aware of the weight of snow on snow. Don’t allow snow to pile up and bring down your roof.
  • Ice on walkways and driveways will not only damage your cement, the risk for slip and fall accidents is enormous when you’re battling winter weather. Use an ice-melt product that gets rid of the ice without harming the cement. An ounce (or a gallon) of prevention could protect you from a lawsuit.
  • When the temperatures are in free-fall, protect your water pipes from freezing, especially at night. Leave cabinet doors open to under sink areas. Wrap water pipes with insulating foam – inexpensive and easy to install. And a low-watt light bulb, when hung under the cabinet, will be sufficient to defend the pipes from the frigid temps that threaten.
  • Pay a professional to remove snow from your business parking lot and sidewalks. Sure beats injuring your back, or worse. And hire the neighborhood kid to shovel snow at your house. You may be encouraging a budding entrepreneur!
  • Keep the snow and ice build-up down to protect your property from flooding that results from reoccurring thaws.
  • To boost your own morale, and that of your family and employees or co-workers, spread the light. Open window treatments to sunshine at every opportunity. Get out into the sunshine whenever you can. Protect yourselves from seasonal blues by letting in the light.

Restoration King is your partner in protecting your property when the damage risk runs high. Awareness and preparation before the winter storms arrive is priceless. And when you do all you can and you simply can’t beat the weather, Restoration King is your ally in rebuilding or repair. Call us at 719-282-0997 in Colorado Springs, or 720-469-0623 in the South Denver area.  We provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We’re on call when you call.  For water, fire, mold, or weather-related emergencies, contact Restoration King, your premier restoration and remediation experts.

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