What Is Your Level of Expertise on Winter Roads?

Restoration King provides 24/7/365 response when your home or business suffers damage from flood, fire, or mold. Or when wind or the weight of snow wreaks havoc on your structure.  These areas of remediation and restoration are our areas of expertise. But when winter weather affects our Colorado roadways, that’s another story. The conditions can change quickly from dry and safe roads to wet, slick, and dangerous. Restoration King offers these driving tips to keep you safe on the road this winter. Use this list to check your level of expertise on winter roads.

  • Make sure your tires are new or still have sufficient tread. Traction is the connection between your tires and the road surface. If your tires are not touching the road due to water, snow, or ice, traction is at a minimum. Snow tires give the best possible traction under winter road conditions.
  • Get new wiper blades. Old blades may have nicks or tears that leave streaks on your windshield and block your vision. And always have extra windshield washer in your vehicle. You may need to use it often to clear the haze that results from road spray in bad weather.
  • Fill your vehicle with fuel before you leave for travel. Traffic delay of any sort can become a real headache if you run low on fuel.
  • Figure in extra time for getting to your destination when the weather is bad. No sense in adding to the stress by running short on time.
  • On the road, allow for extra braking distance by leaving plenty of space between you and the car you follow.
  • Go gentle on the brakes for a smooth stop and skid protection.
  • Go gentle on the gas pedal for smooth starts and skid protection.
  • If you start to skid, steer in the direction you want to go, not with the skid.
  • Pay attention to the vehicles around you. Be alert, and concentrate on the conditions surrounding you as you drive.
  • Bridges and overpasses do freeze before the roadway, because the wind passes under as well as over them. Take caution when changing lanes in adverse conditions.
  • If the weather deteriorates to the level of being too dangerous to continue driving, get off at an exit and find a place to stay until the weather improves. Don’t stop on the roadside if you can avoid it.
  • When the weather is fierce, stay home if you can.

A kit that contains an ice scraper, extra washer fluid, a flashlight, kitty litter and a small shovel, and a blanket or sleeping bag is always a good bet in winter driving conditions. Have snacks and water, medications, and a cell phone charger with you, too. It’s called being prepared. So what is your level of expertise on winter roads? With common sense and these tips, you can feel safe on the road when the weather is rough.

Restoration King has trained professionals who provide expert mold remediation, fire and smoke damage clean-up and restoration, as well as restoring water and flood damage. Our work is guaranteed, done well, and done right. You can depend on our level of expertise. Call Restoration King in Colorado Springs at 719-282-0997, or in South Denver at 720-469-0623.

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