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Tips for Defending Your Property Against Wildfire

A raging wildfire strikes fear deep into the heart of a community. Living day by day, tensions high, essentials packed and ready for evacuation is stressful, to say the least. Autumn is often the driest time of the year, and you can lower the risk of fire at your place by taking proper precautions. Restoration King provides these tips for defending your property against wildfire.

Begin at the structures and work out to your property perimeter.

  • Keep your lawns mowed and watered.
  • Clear the area around your house of pine needles, leaves, and other dry debris to an outer area of 100-200 feet.
  • Trim dead tree limbs and any limbs that touch the rooflines.
  • Take out dead shrubbery and undergrowth.
  • Keep the gutters and roofs clear of leaves and pine needles.
  • Consider re-roofing with non-flammable material.

Dry lawns and dead limbs and vegetation feed fires right to, and into, your door. Starve any fire of its fuels on your property.

  • Stack firewood at a minimum of 25 feet away from structures.
  • Discard hot ashes into a metal container stored away from structures.
  • Ban outdoor burnings or grilling during windy conditions.
  • When doing any outdoor burning, have a shovel, water, and fire extinguisher at hand.
  • Make certain all embers are extinguished before you leave a burn site.

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We all agree with Smokey the Bear that each of us must do our best to prevent forest fires. And when the forest is our community, we must be on high alert, especially at this dry time of the year, in defending our property against wildfire.

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