Restoration King – Your Strong Arm Against Allergy Symptoms

Every season is allergy season when you’re an allergy sufferer. Spring and early summer are typically the worst, as trees release their pollen early and are quickly followed by the pollen release of other plants and grasses. But ragweed and other allergy offenders don’t release their pollen until fall, causing yet another blast of frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms.

And to top it all off, 2014’s long, harsh winter delayed the trees’ pollen, which then combined with other pollens being released during the summer. This perfect pollen storm, or “Pollen Tsunami”, as experts are calling it, coated cars and collected in clumps on the ground. And the pollen vortex isn’t over yet.

The pollen count from ragweed, autumn’s allergy giant, has been getting higher in recent years. Chances are, as you exit your vehicle or walk into your home or visit the local market, you’re likely to come in contact with your dreaded allergy enemy.

In an effort to alleviate allergy symptoms and help you feel more comfortable during the fall allergy season, Restoration King offers these allergy survival tips.

Bathe your pets often and keep them out of your bedroom. Tough, we know, but Fluffy can trigger allergies after having been outdoors. Even inside-only pets’ dander can make allergies worse.

Freshen your bedding often. Dust mites hide in bed linens, mattresses, and box springs. Wash your linens every week and vacuum your mattress at least once a month.

Purchase a dehumidifier. Mold and dust mites flourish in a humid environment, so though Colorado is a fairly dry climate, you may want to look into this proven method of allergen reduction.

Have your carpets deep-cleaned and remove mold from air ducts. Restoration King provides low VOC green carpet cleaning for home or office, and will remove mold and odors from air ducts.

Don’t compromise your health. This season, protect yourself with Restoration King’s allergy solutions. In South Denver, call 720-469-0623. In Colorado Springs, call 719-282-0997. For all your mold remediation or carpet and duct cleaning needs, call us. We’re your strong arm against allergies.

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