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Restoration King The Importance of the 3 R’s

At Restoration King, we understand the importance of the 3 R’s:

  1. Restoration,
  2. Remediation, and
  3. Reconstruction


Water damage can overwhelm you when it affects your home or your business. You stand in the middle of the mess and wonder where to start. Start by calling Restoration King. We’re experts at dealing with the aftermath of flooding, burst pipes, and sewage accidents. Damage assessment, removal, clean-up, and protection from mold and odors are all phases of restoration. We’ll even help you with the filing of your insurance claims. When you stand facing water damage, call Restoration King as soon as possible; a quick start on restoration puts a quick end to the continuing damage seeping or standing water can cause to your property. Whatever water damage you’re facing, we make sure the clean-up is complete.

Fire and smoke damage seem an impossible-to-overcome-catastrophe. And it is hard to face, but you can come back, and strong.  From start to finish, Restoration King fights for you through the process. Whether your business or your home suffers fire and smoke damage, we provide support with filing your claims, and our team of restoration professionals will remove debris, repair the damage, eradicate the odors, and restore your residence or commercial building to pre-fire condition.


Flooding, and leaks in your roofing, pipes, walls, or even under your potted plants, can allow for the growth of nasty mold in your home or business. Two common places for mold growth are the attic and the crawlspace. Left alone, mold multiplies and spreads, becoming more expensive to remove. Restoration King is your local remediation expert. Remediation involves a remedy – clean-up and removal of the mold; and a reversing of the conditions mold grows under, putting a stop to the mold in your living spaces or offices. Mold growth must be addressed to protect the health of your family and your employees and for liability reasons. For complete mold removal and a return to a healthy indoor environment, call Restoration King for remediation.


Restoration King provides all the construction services you need to get your home or business back to normal following a fire or a flood and the resulting damages.  From framing to the finished work, our certified, professional, skilled reconstruction crew will get your job done and done right. The pride we take in our work will show in our job well done for you.

Restoration King guarantees all the work we do. When you stand and survey damage done to your home or business, call us 24/7/365. At Restoration King, we’re experts driven by excellence – that’s our pledge to you. In Colorado Springs, call 719-282-0997, or in South Denver, call 720-469-0623. When you call, we’ll be there. We understand the importance of the 3 R’s.