Restoration King Cost Effective Comfort When the Winds Blow Cold

You can wrap your home warm before the cold winds begin to blow. Restoration King provides these cost effective tips for preparing your place for winter weather. With smart effort on your part now, you’ll be able to sit back and stay cozy as the north winds swirl – and stay – outside.

Start at the top

Check your roof for missing, damaged, or loose shingles and replace them. Clear the gutters of sticks and leaves that block the down spouts. Icicles may look pretty hanging like fringe from the roof edge, but they are warnings of coming roof and gutter damage. Checking the roof and clearing the gutters will allow for correct drainage and keep ice dams from forming.

Add insulation to the attic floor. The extra insulation keeps the warm air down in the living areas of your home, and allows the attic to remain cool. Warm attic areas encourage snow melt on the roof and add to the risk of ice dams and icicles.

Moving on down

Check for drafts around the windows and doors of your living areas. Seal off air leaks with caulk, weather stripping, and draft guards. Cut off all escape routes for the warm air to get out or the cold air to enter your home.

Place foam insulation “cards” behind each switch plate and plug cover. This is a surprisingly open area for cold air to invade your living space.

Insulation film on single-pane windows provides a real barrier to the cold that seeps into your home.

Opening the curtains that cover south-facing windows allows the rays of the sun to help warm your home during the daytime. Pull the curtains again at dusk to keep out the night chill.

Switch your ceiling fan blade direction to rotate clockwise during the cold months. This pushes the warm air against the walls and down toward the floor for added comfort.

Now is the time to replace the filters in your heating system. Clean filters allow for efficient air flow from the furnace throughout your home.

Wrap the water pipes in the basement or crawl space. Foam sleeves are inexpensive and easy to install to protect your pipes from freezing and bursting in the deep cold. There’s no reason to remove these wraps once you’ve fitted them on the pipes.

Stepping back outside

Build dirt up around the foundation of your home to keep standing water out of your basement or crawl space.

Roll your garden hose to drain the water, roll it up, and bring it in for the winter. Shut the outdoor faucets off to keep them from freezing.

Utility costs need not devour you this snowy season. With these simple and cost effective tips from Restoration King, you can wrap your home in warmth for the winter.

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