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Recovery and Restoration After a Flood

A single storm can severely interrupt your life, bringing with it water damage to your home or business that seems insurmountable. Restoration King is here to reassure you: Recovery and restoration following a flood is in your immediate forecast. Call us 24/7/365 at (719) 282-0997 and we’ll work for you and walk with you until our mission of restoration is accomplished.

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A flood is a temporary condition that begins with your home or commercial building being overrun by water and sludge, and looms as a never-ending clean-up project. Restoration King provides damage assessment, water damage clean-up and removal, sewage clean-up, and mold and water remediation. Our team of professionals will have you back to normal in short order.

Your prompt response after floodwaters flow through your property will aid in minimizing losses. Call Restoration King first. We deal directly with your insurance company for you, relieving concern and stress. We’ll work with your claims adjuster and we directly bill the insurance agency.

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A flood may build slowly over days of saturating rain, or come quickly with fast-melting snow or a severe storm that carries heavy rainfall. Wildfires in an area affect the environment so that the ground is no longer capable of slowing water flow into residential communities. Floods can occur anywhere. Nearly 25% of flood claims come from outside high-risk floodplain areas. If you’ve survived a flood, you’ve suffered loss. Call Restoration King. We’ll quickly help you reconstruct your life.

During risk of rising floodwaters, don’t wait until you need a boat to get out of your driveway. Move your possessions to an upper level and get out of your home while it’s still safe to leave.

Your home is one of your most valuable and valued possessions. You’ve done all you can to protect it. But when the unforeseen rudely intrudes, call Restoration King. We’re your emergency restoration specialists. Our professionals are trained in the latest techniques and skillfully prepared to restore your damaged home or offices to pristine condition. We provide proficient reconstruction services and are your local mold removal and remediation experts. In Colorado Springs, call us at (719) 282-0997. We respond when you call.