Putting It Back Together After A Disaster

When you stand and survey the surrounding destruction after a disaster, do you feel like Humpty Dumpty, wondering how this can be put back together again? Here’s comfort and confidence: what all the king’s horses and men couldn’t do for Humpty Dumpty, Restoration King guarantees you that, indeed, it can be done for you, and our team is your “put it back together” specialist.

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Restoration King will

  • do a thorough inspection of the damage
  • work with your insurance company so you don’t have to
  • remove and dispose of contaminated materials
  • treat water-damaged areas
  • remediate mold growth
  • remove materials as necessary and clean up smoke and soot damage, and eliminate odors after a fire
  • do a complete cleaning process with state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, products, and skill
  • reconstruct and rebuild what you lost to your satisfaction

Our team has extensive experience in our industry and up-to-date knowledge of state and local regulations. Putting it back together for you after a disaster is our area of expertise, guaranteed.

When your home or business is in ruins and your life feels shattered, call Restoration King right away. You’ll get competitive, affordable pricing, and reliable, “back to original” restoration by a team of effective and efficient professionals. We’ll get right to work and keep you informed and included throughout the process of getting you back together after a disaster. Whether the devastation is residential or commercial, Restoration King understands how you feel when life is reduced to rubble at your feet. We stand by our reputation and we stand by you.

Life goes on and business doesn’t stop when everything you hold dear is destroyed. Start with a call to Restoration King, your local, 24-7-365 emergency restoration experts. We’re on our way to getting you back into the thick of life or returning you to the fast track of commerce as quickly as possible. It’s our pledge. We take our word seriously, and so can you. When you need experts who will remain focused on your restoration call (719) 282-0997. Make your problem our project by calling today.

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