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Are You at Risk for Flooding?

Living in Colorado, you may not see much potential for home flooding, outside of your washer hose bursting. We don’t live on the coast and we don’t experience the devastation of tropical storms. But floods can happen nearly anywhere, and they happen more often and more areas than you may realize. Anywhere it rains, it…
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How to Avoid and When to Restore Water Damage

Did you know that, in relation to the number of lives lost and amount of property damage, flooding falls just after tornadoes in terms of disasters in the United States? Did you know that you’re seven times more likely to suffer water damage than damage from a fire? That your chances of being burglarized at…
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Frozen Pipes Not a Pretty Sight

Winter-time in Colorado is beautiful beyond description. It can also wreak havoc with roads, trees, roofs, foundations, and water pipes. When the temperatures drop below freezing, and below zero, water pipes in your home or business can suddenly present a major concern. Water pipes that were installed along exterior walls are susceptible to freezing during…
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