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Mold – The Hidden Threat to Home and Health

By the time mold shows itself, you’re behind in the game. Finding mold early keeps down both expense and further growth. When you suspect mold is growing in your home or business, or see the signs, call Restoration King right away – before it becomes a major problem. And, left untreated, it will do just that.  Restoration King is your local mold remediation and restoration specialist, and we provide these tips to protect your home or business from the hidden threat of mold.

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Mold lies hidden behind the surfaces of your everyday environment. It grows behind wallpaper and under painted surfaces, under flooring, and potted plants. Mold is fed by humidity, leaks, and standing water. If you live near water, if the humidity where you live is regularly above 60%, if your pipes leak, if your roof leaks, if water gets into your crawl space or basement, or through cracks in your walls, or you’ve suffered flooding in your home or place of business, you most likely are entertaining mold – the hidden threat to home and health.

How to detect the hidden threat of mold

Sometimes physical symptoms are the first sign that mold has invaded your home or place of business. Thinking your whole family or all the office personnel has a cold at the same time may mask the fact that mold is present. Burning, itchy eyes, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing and coughing due to irritated lungs, and a sore throat are also symptoms of mold in the air you’re breathing. Asthma can worsen, and allergies emerge when exposed to mold spores. A question: Do the symptoms lessen when away from home or the office? Do the symptoms subside over the weekend or when you’re out of town for a day or two? Mold may be a hidden threat to your home and health.

Mold has a definite odor. You can smell mold. When mold has taken hold somewhere, the air smells moldy. It will be stronger in the rooms where more mold is growing. If the smell is stronger when the air conditioning is running, or the heating system, mold is most likely present within that unit. Mold may be blowing throughout your home or place of business with every cycle of the ventilation system. You’ll know when you smell mold, even when you can’t see this hidden threat to your home and health.

Mold will show itself. Tell-tale signs of mold can be found in the shower, around the tub and sinks, the kitchen sink area, and in the laundry room. Leaky window sills may have mold growth. Spots of mold growth on the wall or ceiling may be of various color – black, off-white, even pink and orange. These wall spots are indicative of mold growth behind the wall and through the drywall.

When your family or work staff are all suffering symptoms of mold infestation, or you smell musty odors in your home or office building, or you see the actual signs of mold, NOW is the time to call Restoration King for a mold inspection. Don’t put that call off. Time can work for you or against you in this situation. The longer mold is allowed to grow, the more expensive it is to eradicate. Be aggressive if you suspect or see mold growth in your place of residence or business. And call Restoration King right away.

The certified professionals at Restoration King are your local mold remediation and removal experts. We clean up, eliminate the cause, and prevent further mold growth. Because just clean-up alone, without fixing the problem, merely invites mold to return. And return it will. Call (719) 282-0997 in Colorado Springs. Restoration King – for complete eradication of mold – the hidden threat to home and health.