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Is Mold a Dangerous Occupant Hiding in Your Home or Business?

Environmental issues have taken a front-row seat over the last several years. And concern about human exposure to indoor mold is increasing as awareness broadens. Exposure can aggravate a variety of health issues including respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Do you know if mold is a dangerous occupant hiding in your home or business? Restoration King, your local premier fire, water, sewage, and mold remediation company, provides you with these tips on discovering and recognizing mold.

Mold can be found anywhere – it’s in the air. It becomes a health threat, and a threat to your home or business and the contents when it finds a host and the right amount of moisture and oxygen it needs to begin growing undetected. And mold is rather indiscriminate when it comes to choosing a host. Wood, carpet, paper, even food, and other surfaces will suffice.

Mold growth multiplies when building materials collect excessive moisture. And the mold problem worsens when that growth remains undetected or unaddressed. Mold is a notorious “hider”, growing inside walls, behind paneling, on the back of wallpaper, under the carpet, above ceilings – wherever moisture can be trapped becomes a perfect possible habitat for mold growth.

But mold does have an odor, so it will reveal itself, especially when a room or the house or office has been closed up for a while s as over the weekend.

Prevent mold growth by protecting against moisture problems:

  • Watch the humidity levels. Use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity below 60%.
  • Inspect roofing for damage or leaks.
  • Keep a check on pipes for leaks.
  • Dry any areas as soon as possible once they become wet.
  • Provide proper drainage by keeping gutters clear and sloping the ground away from the foundation to prevent standing water that can seep into the crawlspace.

When you suffer flood damage, water leaks, or sewage issues, call Restoration King for professional mold remediation to prevent further damage and health issues for the occupants of your home or business.

The expert team at Restoration King is IICRC certified in full-spectrum mold remediation and restoration services. Our thorough inspection, air quality testing, and mold removal from an attic to crawlspace protect you from the continuing damage, risks, and return of mold. In Colorado Springs, call us at (719) 282-0997 for your 24/7/365 emergency restoration specialists. When you call, Restoration King will be there.