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Flood Warning in Your Future

Floods can occur with little or no warning. Sudden, stalled, or heavy rainstorms can be flood producers. Late snow storms and rapid snow melt can be flood producers. When Spring brings warmer weather, snow melt and hail storms can push rivers and streams to their brinks and over. Hail storms clog storm drains on city streets, impeding runoff. There may be a flood warning in your future.

Does your home or commercial building sit in a low-lying area? These areas can flood rapidly with intense rain, slow-moving squalls, or several storms in succession. Over-flowing streams can bring flooding to your door and into your residence or business. Moisture from spring thaw can run off already saturated ground and flood into your property. There may be a flood warning in your future.

Summer fires in the mountain areas increase the threat of flooding below. The damage to the forest floor sends rain waters pouring down the mountainside into neighborhoods and business areas. As if experiencing fire wasn’t enough insult, there may be a flood warning in your future.

Potential flood sources are all around your home or business. Flooding and water damage to property and residential and commercial buildings are a reality in our area. When a flood warning escalates to devastation, where do you turn for clean up, removal, repair, or reconstruction?

Restoration King, your local expert for water damage remediation, is your ally when you need to get life back to normal after suffering flood and water damage. From claim adjustment to finished rebuild, our years of experience will stand you in good stead.

Restoration King will work with your insurance company, and help you file insurance claims. We provide flood damage assessment, water cleanup, and debris removal. We use the latest clean-up and dry-out technologies. Drywall, tile, wood flooring, carpet drying, ceilings – whatever water has damaged, we take care of for you. And Restoration King specializes in mold abatement and removal. Your home or business will be back to before-flood condition, guaranteed.

You need Restoration King when the flood warning becomes reality. We’re here 24/7/365 when you suffer flood damage. In Colorado Springs, call 719-282-0997. In South Denver, call 720-469-0623. We do what you need done – professionally and with integrity, guaranteed. For more information, call Restoration King today.