Colorado’s Wild Weather Causes Widespread Flooding

Record rain and snowfalls all across southern Colorado have produced massive flooding and wide-spread damage this month. On May 9th, three weather records were broken in Saguache County with a snowfall of nearly 16 inches, not only breaking the record snowfall for the date but also breaking the all-time record for the entire month of May…so far!

Torrential downpours engulfed burn scars from Colorado wildfires and swelled creeks and rivers to near bursting. At one point in this massive monsoon, the Colorado River flowed at nearly 10,000 feet per second, matching the current flow in the Grand Canyon.* Thankfully, it never overflowed its banks.

We live in a beautiful and awe-inspiring state, but she’s not to be taken lightly, and she shows us her wild side through tempestuous and often dangerous weather. The wild wet forecast seems to be settling just a bit, though rains continue to soak already saturated soil, threatening even more homes and businesses with flood and water damage. Residents who have already experienced the devastation of flooding are digging through the muck and the mire to recover soggy belongings and save what they can.

Restoration King is here to help. We are your Colorado Springs and South Denver area experts in water and flood damage, and we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency cleanup and repair. You and your family or staff need not endure more stress than you already have. We will come to your location and assist you with every part of the restoration process, from

  • Assistance with filing insurance claims and
  • Flood damage assessment, repair, and cleanup, to
  • Water cleanup/removal and
  • Drywall, tile, and wood flooring water damage repair,
  • Mold abatement/removal and
  • Reconstruction and rebuild.

Restoration King doesn’t merely clean up water and flood damage, we truly restore your home or business. From start to finish, we quickly and efficiently reconstruct your life. If you’ve suffered flooding, call us today at 719-282-0997 in Colorado Springs or 720-469-0623 in Denver. Colorado is a wonderful place to live. Together, let’s get back to living.

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