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Ceiling Leaks – Following the Damage Trails

A water stain on your ceiling is sending you a message. One you won’t like but don’t want to ignore. You may have been unaware to this point, but now you know: most likely, you have a roof issue. Restoration King, your local restoration and construction expert, provide these tips for identifying and locating roof issues, prevention of roof leaks, and restoration of damage.

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The exact location of a roof leak may be difficult to pinpoint. And the smaller the leak, the finer detective skills needed. Water runs along channels, so the tell-tale ceiling spot may be a long way from the entryway. When water stains appear, and grow worse after a rainstorm, you need to pay attention and act before the problem worsens and the expense of repair grows. Contact Restoration King for a professional assessment of the leak location, damage done, and a back-to-new condition.

Roof leaks result from a number of causes: Improper installation, lack of maintenance, being walked on, age, and, of course, weather-related damage. Sun, rain, snow, icicles and ice dams, and high winds play havoc with your roof over the years of its life. Signs of a compromised roof include

  • Missing shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Buckling shingles
  • Smooth shingles
  • Cracked flashing
  • Valleys improperly sealed
  • Chimney cracks
  • Skylights cracked or improperly fitted or damaged flashing
  • Gutters clogged with debris
  • A musty odor in the attic

Water damage is serious business. Roof leaks can ultimately ruin your home or commercial building. Don’t put off contacting your local experts at Restoration King. Our professionals will follow the damage trail to locate the exact point of water entry. The search for leaks generally begins with tell-tale signs in the attic area. Insulation becomes damaged, at risk of becoming moldy and ineffective to protect your home from the extremes of cold and heat and escalating utility expenses. And whatever you have stored is at risk of ruin. Household wiring in the attic can short out. Mold and mildew growth can cause allergic responses in your family and instigate other health issues. Left to continue, leaks will damage the framing and exterior of your residence or commercial building. Ceiling stains and damage, peeling paint, and mold growth promote unhealthy conditions on the interior of your home or business.

Reality: the elements inflict wear and tear on your roof. But roof leaks need not plague you. Protect your roof and the construction and condition of your home or business with a call to your local experts at Restoration King. Annual inspections by these professionals provide peace of mind and maintain a roof capable of keeping your business, or loved ones and treasures, safe and dry.

For more information and a scheduled inspection, call Restoration King at (719) 282-0997 in Colorado Springs. We are your local mold removal and remediation experts. And we proudly service all the construction needs you require to get your home or business back to right when you suffer damage or loss. Restoration King – in your home town, and in your corner. Call today.