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Recovery and Restoration After a Flood

A single storm can severely interrupt your life, bringing with it water damage to your home or business that seems insurmountable. Restoration King is here to reassure you: Recovery and restoration following a flood is in your immediate forecast. Call us 24/7/365 and we’ll work for you and walk with you until our mission of…
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Tips for Defending Your Property Against Wildfire

A raging wildfire strikes fear deep into the heart of a community. Living day by day, tensions high, essentials packed and ready for evacuation is stressful, to say the least. Autumn is often the driest time of the year, and you can lower the risk of fire at your place by taking proper precautions. Restoration…
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Tips for Getting Ready Before the Storm

Clouds build with the heat and wind and the sky takes on a blue-green hue. It’s storm season in Colorado. Is your property protected? Restoration King provides you with these tips for preparing your home or business ahead of time, because it’s best to get ready before the storm. [caption id="attachment_2650" align="aligncenter" width="300"] photo credit:[/caption]…
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What Is Your Level of Expertise on Winter Roads?

Restoration King provides 24/7/365 response when your home or business suffers damage from flood, fire, or mold. Or when wind or the weight of snow wreaks havoc on your structure.  These areas of remediation and restoration are our areas of expertise. But when winter weather affects our Colorado roadways, that’s another story. The conditions can…
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