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When the Storm Turns Your Fairy Tale into a Nightmare

Disaster approaches much like the wolf visiting the three little pigs – huffing and puffing and blowing your house down. Or pouring its way in as a flood. Or with cracklings and bitter burnings. Perhaps something as simple yet unpredictable as a sewer backup, or something winter-related like frozen water pipes. When the storm turns…
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When Damage Risk Runs High: What to Do About It?

When winter blows strong and temperatures drop low, damage risk runs high. Are you prepared to meet Old Man Winter on his own terms and remain unscathed? You can. Restoration King can help you win this battle with the elements and protect yourself and your property in the process. Coming out on top come Spring…
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Keep Out the Cold With Restoration King

There’s an unwelcome intruder seeking to enter your home or business this time of year. It’s the cold north wind, and Restoration King is here to help you keep that unwelcome intruder outside. Keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out may be as simple as replacing your windows and doors. Upgrade the…
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