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Tips for Getting Ready Before the Storm

Clouds build with the heat and wind and the sky takes on a blue-green hue. It’s storm season in Colorado. Is your property protected? Restoration King provides you with these tips for preparing your home or business ahead of time, because it’s best to get ready before the storm. [caption id="attachment_2650" align="aligncenter" width="300"] photo credit:[/caption]…
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Ceiling Leaks – Following the Damage Trails

A water stain on your ceiling is sending you a message. One you won’t like but don’t want to ignore. You may have been unaware to this point, but now you know: most likely, you have a roof issue. Restoration King, your local restoration and construction expert, provide these tips for identifying and locating roof…
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Why Does My Basement Flood?

As winter loses its icy grip on Colorado, and the weather softens into Spring, homeowners and business owners may get hit with an unwanted invader – water in the basement. Basements can flood anytime, but especially at this time of year, if your basement is prone to water troubles, beware. Restoration King provides these tips…
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Restoration King Tips for Concrete Care in Cold Weather

As the leaves change in autumn and annually show off the pride of Colorful Colorado, we know that Old Man Winter is approaching. And winter is hard on your concrete driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot. Restoration King, your local flatwork expert, provides these tips for concrete care in cold weather. Cement can endure the harsh…
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