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Would YOU Recommend That Company?

Word-of-mouth is the finest form of advertising. Satisfied customers who tell their friends how well your team treated them or that the quality of your work exceeded their expectations – well, those people are priceless assets to your company. And feedback from clients help shape and fine-tune your services. Businesses can live or die based…
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Are You Ready For A Remodel?

Who hasn’t watched HGTV and drooled over the kitchen and bathroom makeovers? “Just like that! I want one just like that!”  And ours is probably fine, but the seed has been planted, and we now calculate what we could make happen with a makeover every time we walk into the room. Here’s an idea: when…
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When Thoughts Turn Toward Home

When the “home holidays” come round at year’s end, our thoughts turn toward home. A cleaning frenzy ensues, and we see the small things we want spruced up, touched up, or redone. Expecting a houseful of family and friends makes for new eyes to see what needs to be caught up around the place. And…
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