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Would YOU Recommend That Company?

Word-of-mouth is the finest form of advertising. Satisfied customers who tell their friends how well your team treated them or that the quality of your work exceeded their expectations – well, those people are priceless assets to your company. And feedback from clients help shape and fine-tune your services. Businesses can live or die based…
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Living in the Aftermath of Destruction

Summertime is the season of high fire danger. Fires that begin small can grow into enormity fanned by hot winds. Tornadoes come with fury and cut a wide swath of wreckage through towns and lives. Floodwaters rise and roll, ravaging their way through communities, homes, and businesses. When these natural disasters affect your life, the…
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Is Mold a Dangerous Occupant Hiding in Your Home or Business?

Environmental issues have taken a front-row seat over the last several years. And concern about human exposure to indoor mold is increasing as awareness broadens. Exposure can aggravate a variety of health issues including respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Do you know if mold is a dangerous occupant hiding in your home or business? Restoration…
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Help! My Home Has Suffered Damage

Severe damage can occur in mere minutes to a residence or commercial building when flood or fire takes hold. Life becomes upended, washed away or burned out. You may wonder if home or business will ever return to normal. Restoration King wants to reassure you: Yes, normal can return. Our business is to bring your…
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