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Is Mold a Dangerous Occupant Hiding in Your Home or Business?

Environmental issues have taken a front-row seat over the last several years. And concern about human exposure to indoor mold is increasing as awareness broadens. Exposure can aggravate a variety of health issues including respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Do you know if mold is a dangerous occupant hiding in your home or business? Restoration…
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Ceiling Leaks – Following the Damage Trails

A water stain on your ceiling is sending you a message. One you won’t like but don’t want to ignore. You may have been unaware to this point, but now you know: most likely, you have a roof issue. Restoration King, your local restoration and construction expert, provide these tips for identifying and locating roof…
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Restoration King – Your Strong Arm Against Allergy Symptoms

Every season is allergy season when you’re an allergy sufferer. Spring and early summer are typically the worst, as trees release their pollen early and are quickly followed by the pollen release of other plants and grasses. But ragweed and other allergy offenders don’t release their pollen until fall, causing yet another blast of frustrating…
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