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Restoration King Something to Stand On When All is Gone

Disaster has no regard for business hours. Fires break out in the night. Floods break through unscheduled. Devastation doesn’t make an appointment. “At the worst possible time” seems to be the timeframe for catastrophe. Restoration King understands adversity. Because calamity comes unexpectedly, we’re on call 24/7/365. We give you something to stand on when all

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Restoration King: Your Summer Project List Specialist

It’s August. Days are shorter, kids are back in school, and fall decorations are on store shelves. It may seem like summer is winding down, but here in Colorado, the season is still in full swing – and there’s still time to begin or finish up your summer project list. What is your dream for

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Restoration King: When Natural Disaster Calls, Call Restoration King

Fires. Flooding. Strong winds. Hail. Whatever the season, nature roars in Colorado. And when you suffer from a natural disaster, you need help getting things back to normal. When you need someone you can trust, turn to us – Restoration King. You want swift and efficient restoration without shortcuts. That describes Restoration King. The crew

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Of Fire and Floods

June 23rd, 2012. The Waldo Canyon forest fire began four miles northwest of Colorado Springs. A blaze that would not be fully contained for 17 days, the Waldo Canyon fire covered over 18,000 acres and claimed 346 homes and two lives. Hundreds more homes were damaged by fire and smoke. It was the most destructive

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Restoration King Mold Remediation and Removal After Water Damage

Mold growth in your home or business is generally connected to indoor moisture or water problems such as flooding, leaks, or plumbing issues. Colorado’s spring rains after winter’s heavy snowfall often results in roof leaks, attic and wall damage, and basement or crawlspace flooding. Restoration King understands the prompt need for mold remediation and removal

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Colorado’s Wild Weather Causes Widespread Flooding

Record rain and snowfalls all across southern Colorado have produced massive flooding and wide-spread damage this month. On May 9th, three weather records were broken in Saguache County with a snowfall of nearly 16 inches, not only breaking the record snowfall for the date but also breaking the all-time record for the entire month of

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Colorado Springs

How a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Can Protect Your Home

Your crawl space may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. Moisture and poor air quality in your crawl space may be negatively affecting you and your family. Warm air rises, and the air that rises in your home brings with it the air that was in your crawl space –

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Construction Services Colorado Springs

Restoration King – King of Construction Services

Throughout the winter months, you thought of a hundred home improvement projects you’d like to do come Spring. Now that Spring is here, let’s get started! Together we can make your dreams come true and come in on time without breaking your budget. Restoration King is also king of construction services. Whatever the projects you

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Are You at Risk for Flooding?

Living in Colorado, you may not see much potential for home flooding, outside of your washer hose bursting. We don’t live on the coast and we don’t experience the devastation of tropical storms. But floods can happen nearly anywhere, and they happen more often and more areas than you may realize. Anywhere it rains, it

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