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Mold Inspection and Safety Colorado Springs

Mold Dos and Don’ts, Including Mold Inspection and Safety

Let’s face it, calling a professional about a possible mold infestation is not on the top of the list of great, inspirational, or fun things to do. We get it. Often times, it’s the opposite—downright scary. Ok, so you smelled that musty odor commonly associated with mold, followed the scent, and, lo and behold, a

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Would YOU Recommend That Company?

Word-of-mouth is the finest form of advertising. Satisfied customers who tell their friends how well your team treated them or that the quality of your work exceeded their expectations – well, those people are priceless assets to your company. And feedback from clients help shape and fine-tune your services. Businesses can live or die based

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When the Storm Turns Your Fairy Tale into a Nightmare

Disaster approaches much like the wolf visiting the three little pigs – huffing and puffing and blowing your house down. Or pouring its way in as a flood. Or with cracklings and bitter burnings. Perhaps something as simple yet unpredictable as a sewer backup, or something winter-related like frozen water pipes. When the storm turns

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Recovery and Restoration After a Flood

A single storm can severely interrupt your life, bringing with it water damage to your home or business that seems insurmountable. Restoration King is here to reassure you: Recovery and restoration following a flood is in your immediate forecast. Call us 24/7/365 at (719) 282-0997 and we’ll work for you and walk with you until our

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Tips for Defending Your Property Against Wildfire

A raging wildfire strikes fear deep into the heart of a community. Living day by day, tensions high, essentials packed and ready for evacuation is stressful, to say the least. Autumn is often the driest time of the year, and you can lower the risk of fire at your place by taking proper precautions. Restoration

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Living in the Aftermath of Destruction

Summertime is the season of high fire danger. Fires that begin small can grow into enormity fanned by hot winds. Tornadoes come with fury and cut a wide swath of wreckage through towns and lives. Floodwaters rise and roll, ravaging their way through communities, homes, and businesses. When these natural disasters affect your life, the

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