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A New Year Face Lift

New Year brings thoughts of redoing what we have, of cleaning out, sprucing up, brightening, sharpening – of giving our home a New Year face lift, so to speak. What projects are on your list? Are you planning a blow-out face lift that includes

  • Carpets replaced with hardwood, or new carpeting
  • New kitchen cabinets, or resurfacing the countertops
  • Tile in the bathrooms and entry
  • New appliances
  • Energy-smart door and window replacements

Do you plan a more moderate face lift that includes

  • Painting
  • Refurnishing cabinet facings
  • Purchasing area rugs
  • Tile in the shower
  • New window treatment

We put off cleaning out the garage until Spring, and going through the treasures in the attic we put off semi-permanently. Who has the time or emotional energy for that job, right?

Prep effort is important when we start face lift projects around the house. Getting into the listed face lift ventures invigorate us because we see results quickly, encouraging us in our efforts. But the prep work is vital to a beautiful and lasting result. Any job is only as good as its foundation, right?

Restoration King, your local premier fire, water, sewage, and mold restoration expert, recommends that you examine your attic, basement, crawl space, and pipes before you begin a major overhaul at your house (especially for black mold in crawl spaces). If your pipes are in stages of disrepair, a leak can turn into flooded flooring in short order. It’s no fun to return home to ruined floors, cabinetry, carpet, and possessions due to a water disaster. Mold in your attic, basement, or crawl space can undermine your efforts to bring lasting beauty into your home. Mold issues can damage flooring and walls and the health of your family due to air pollution.

Before you start your home’s New Year face lift, contact Restoration King for an inspection or for answers to your questions. In Colorado Springs, call 719-282-0997. In the South Denver area, call 720-469-0623. In case of emergency water, smoke, or fire damage, call Restoration King 24/7/365 for expert and timely restoration services. Our focus is your satisfaction, guaranteed.